The Street Store

The temperatures are falling, and it’s time to open our Street Store for its 3rd season of giving.  We are accepting winter wear items that will be placed on our fence – free, for anyone who needs them.

Winter wear items (coats, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves) may be dropped off at the church office during business hours (Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm) or brought to the church on Sunday mornings.  We ask that bagged items not be left outside: this is how items get ruined.  We monitor the weather and put items out on the fence when they won’t be ruined by rain (and if things do get wet, we bring them in to dry and place fresh items out).

If you only have an item or two and there is space on the fence, you are welcome to add your items to the store when you go by.  We ask that all items be clean and in usable condition prior to donation.

We also ask that donations of regular clothing not be left at the church.  We do not have the staff or volunteer base to run a full clothing closet, however, we encourage people to give to those organizations that DO offer these services.

The Fairmont Youth Development Center has a career closet.  Any professional clothing can be donated there.

The Fairmont Regional Medical Center has a clothing closet for patients in need to clothing upon discharge.

The Scott Place Homeless Shelter accepts donations of clothing items.  They are located at 215 Scott Place.

The Soup Opera also accepts donations of clothing.  Donations can be brought by on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9am-2:45pm.

Thanks to everyone who has donated coats to this ministry!